Exposed Fastener Wall Panels
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Exposed Fastener Wall Panels

Exposed fastener wall panels are economical, durable, and versatile. Many commercial buildings and common architectural areas feature exposed fastener wall panels. These panels are utilized in roofing and wall structures, including:

  • accent areas in hospitals
  • warehouses
  • farming structures
  • outdoor malls
  • grocery stores
  • carports
  • bus terminals
  • walkway canopies

Exposed fastener metal wall panels have their name because the panels are overlapped and the fastener is visible once installed. This makes installation relatively easy, as well as useful in new projects or to retrofit older projects.

Panels come in a range of colors, and the options available both in textures and size offer an affordable design option to make a bold architectural statement without breaking the bank. To help blend with the panels, fastener heads are usually painted the same color as the panels.

Types of Exposed Fastener Wall Panels

Exposed fastener panels are identified by some main criteria:

  • Panel Width
  • Rib Height and Center to Center Rib Spacing
  • Cover Width after lapping
  • Minimum slope

Typically, exposed fastener wall panels are 36” wide. This means that fewer panels, and thus less labor, is needed to cover an area. A few popular types of exposed fastener metal wall panels include corrugated panels, the 7.2 ribbed panel, and R panels.

Corrugated Panels

Corrugated metal panels have a classic ribbed design that adds texture and versatility to any design. They can be used in either vertical or horizontal applications and come in a variety of colors. Corrugated panels have a nostalgic appeal.

This type of exposed fastener metal wall panel was perhaps the first of its type and has a history that dates back to the 1830s. Corrugated panels gained in popularity in the early 1910s and have continued to have many uses, lending to more rustic designs or a retro edge to modern designs.

7.2 Ribbed Panels

7.2 ribbed panels are an exposed fastener wall panel that is an excellent choice for more contemporary designs, but also offers great versatility for both roofs and walls. Because of its symmetrical profile, and strength, it’s ideal for spanning over a distance. This is a great choice for carports, walkway canopies, or to make an eye-catching statement when installed horizontally.

R Panels

R panels are typically used in pre-engineered metal buildings but can be applied over many wall and roof assemblies. The use of R panels is also a great choice for retrofit applications. Mitered corners are usually available, giving this exposed fastener wall panel a very complete design.

Exposed fastener metal wall panels are a versatile and optimal choice for your commercial design project. Whether you’re fitting a large project or adding specific architectural elements to make a statement, these panels are a great option.

No matter what design profile you choose, this type of panel is cost-effective, has a long life expectancy, and allows for easy maintenance while also holding onto its clean and appealing design elements.

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