How to Aerate and Overseed Your Lawn
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How to Aerate and Overseed Your Lawn?

If you have a lawn to care for, you need lawn aeration services from time to time. If you have a busy schedule, you know how difficult it gets to complete a few home maintenance tasks. Lawn care is one of those few things lawn owners need to do to maintain a proper-looking lawn. Lawn aeration is extremely beneficial among lawn services that can enhance the life span of the sprawling space. While we know that lawn aeration is vital, not many people do it because they do not own a lawn aerator. Lawn aerators can be expensive and do not provide good value for money because it’s done annually. However, by choosing lawn aeration service providers in Westerville, Ohio like Galena Lawn Care, you can rest assured about the outcome. They are experts who can perform this duty on your behalf at an affordable rate.

Why Is It Important to Aerate and Overseed Your Lawn?

Aerating and overseeding your lawn is extremely important because it helps to keep the grass healthy and strong. Aerating can ensure the receipt of nutrients needed for the lawn grass to grow tall, strong, and shiny green. The soil beneath the grass also needs to be enriched with all the nutrients, and it happens in a year. So, when the aeration is carried out once a year, it helps the soil and the grass. Without proper aeration and overseeding, the soil beneath the grass will become compact. Compact soil is not effective or conducive to the growth of grass. Because, it does not support the air, water, and nutrients in reaching the grassroots. If the grass in your lawn does not receive enough nutrients, they will suffer, and their growth will become stunted. As a result, your lawn will not appear plush.

How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Lawns consist of grass and, like any other plant or tree blossoms in spring, and lose all their glow during the hot summers. A thin and lifeless turf is a sore to the eyesight. You might have tried watering, mowing, and even fertilization, but to no avail. This is where aeration and over-seeding come into the picture. It can revive your lawn from its disastrous fate. Aeration is done by using an aerator which looks similar to that of a mower. The machine is rolled over the turf, and some soil core is pulled and deposited on the top of the lawn. These are kept there until the rain comes and decomposes that soil core, providing rich organic matter to the roots of the grass. It is simple but is most effective when trying to get back the richness of the soil in the lawn. Aeration helps a lot in deeper turfgrass root establishment.

Overseeding is done along with aeration of the soil because pockets are already created naturally on the turf during aeration. Overseeding needs optimum soil-to-seed contact that can happen during aeration. This boosts the germination results for the seeds.

Aeration can be a time-consuming process, depending on the land area and the amount of damage caused to the soil. So, how often you can aerate the lawn will also depend on these and also on the soil type. Clay soils can be aerated once or twice a year, depending on how compact it has become. Sandier or loam soils may not require as much aeration as clay soils due to their porous nature. This allows better reception of oxygen to the roots naturally.

Is Too Much Aeration Possible?

Aeration is required when the soil becomes compact and incapable of sending oxygen and other beneficial nutrients to the grassroots. You will know if you walk on the soil of your lawn. If the soil feels hard and chappy, it needs aeration, and if the soil is moist and the grass looks healthy, aeration can be avoided. Usually, a lot of traffic can cause compact soil. So, if your lawn experiences heavy footfall throughout the day, it is best to get it aerated. The best time to aerate your soil will be from August to September. Different types of grass can be used during different seasons. However, always remember that proper watering is required post aeration, and do it at the right time. Weeding and aerating the lawn cannot be done simultaneously.

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